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Buying and Selling locally grown Tasmanian food is about to get easier.....

For producers: We are building a website where you can login and post your produce for sale. To help with delivery we are creating a network of people in your area that can help deliver your produce. This way,you can spend more time doing what you love and less time driving.

For consumers: The online farmers market will allow you to buy local produce directly from the producer. You will be able to view what is available, where it came from and when it is available for delivery so that your menu or store can always be stocked with the freshest ingredients. 

*our long term vision is to be able to deliver interstate and overseas as well as individual households. However, until we grow and learn enough to do that we are offering the Fork to Fork service to small grocers, cafes, restaurants and market stalls in a 60km radius of Hobart. If you are outside this area please express your interest so we know there is a demand.


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