What is Fork to Fork?
Fork to fork is an online farmers market being produced for Tasmanians by Sprout. It will give food growers the ability to post what they have for sale and provide them with an instant online presence where cutomers can go and buy their food.
Buying this food will be easy... add garlic from Tony's, tomatoes from Linda's, cheese from Nick's and pay ONCE. Your order will arrive according to the delivery date and you will know exactly who and where it came from. 
This project will benefit food growers, restaurant owners, cafe owners, chefs, small grocery store owners, food box organisers, small businesses and anyone who eats great tasting, local, fresh food purchased from these businesses. It also benefits people who are already driving in to town and wants to get paid for delivery! Our long term vision is to be able to deliver to households however we need to get delivery logistics in place and ironed out first. 

Who is creating this project? 
The project is being developed by Sprout a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting local producers who would like to get their idea in the ground, growing and to market. Sprout is run by a group of volunteers, both board members and friends, whose shared aim is to connect consumers to local, ethically produced, great tasting produce and to advocate for, and support, producers who produce and sell ethical, great tasting food. 

The Directors and Subcommittee members of Sprout, the Project Managers and Small Island Studio have also been instrumental in the creation of Fork to Fork. Small Island Studio is a local business who created our crowdfunding animation.

Why is Fork to Fork different from other similar already existing platforms?
Fork to Fork is being made by Tasmanians for Tasmanians by producers, grocery store owners and restaurateurs. We are eager to meet new producers and promote their produce to commercial buyers locally and nationally. 

We are working directly with local groups so the service fits your lifestyle and community.