Q and A - Producer Info Night Dec 1st

What is the Hobart area? How many kilometers will it extend?

We will be adding producers from all parts of Tasmania but delivery will only be to those businesses in purple until we receive enough interest from other areas and the pilot study is complete.


Product Control

Are there any health standards or proof of insurance that producers must provide?
If by law a producer is required to have a license to sell the product on the F2F website, we will require them to have such before accessing the F2F website. Any producer of food or food products must comply with all relevant food standards. F2F encourages compliance with all food standards and laws. F2F also encourages all producers to maintain independently audited or certified good businesses practices. All business operators using F2F should carry adequate all relevant insurances as appropriate to their personal business practices or circumstances.

What is the produce quality control? If someone tries to sell bad produce it might discredit the site.
Yes, this a very valid point. To manage the risk of this happening F2F will be requiring all producers to sign a “Producer Agreement” which outlines, in detail, the quality and standards expected in regard to freshness, presentation and cleanliness. F2F producers are also made aware they have a responsibility to ensure the produce is as close to the representations made on the F2F website as possible.
In the event a producer repeatedly provides low quality/dirty/non-fresh food, F2F will not continue to support the producers use of the website.

What happens if you get poor quality products?
If you are a customer and the products you purchase are unsatisfactory, we ask that you get in touch with us within 36 hours of your order being delivered. You will need to provide the details of the product and in most cases you will get a full refund or product exchange.
The producer will know that you were dissatisfied and will be given the opportunity to offer a solution.


How will produce be fresh for the consumer if there is only two days for delivery?
The produce is fresh because it is harvested and prepared as close to the delivery day as possible. Here is an example: if a customer orders on a Saturday, the next delivery day is Tuesday. The producer will not begin harvesting and preparing your food until closer to Tuesday even though you ordered on Saturday. Food is not sitting in a warehouse waiting for dispatch, it is on the farm waiting for a buyer.
We aim to deliver 7 days in the near future, so stay tuned.

From a consumer point of view...will produce from each producer be delivered separately or incur individual delivery costs.
At this point in time, produce purchased from different farms will be delivered separately and delivery will be calculated separately. We would like to be able to group orders and minimise transportation as soon as we start making sales and see the opportunity to do so.

Who is paying for the delivery?
The customer is paying for the delivery and the producer will be setting the cost. In some cases the producer may not charge for delivery but this is a choice for them to make.

And who is delivering?
Delivery will be organised by producers. In some cases they may deliver themselves in other cases they may already work with a third party freight company.
In the future we would like to implement a Fork to Fork delivery system but at this early stage we will rely on the producers and traditional delivery systems.

Who covers the cost for delivery, the seller or the buyer, and what is the distance that can be delivered?
As mentioned above, the customer covers the cost of delivery, unless the producer chooses to cover this cost themselves. In regard to the distance that food can travel to be delivered, in the initial pilot phase we will be working with producers who can deliver on the Tuesday and Friday delivery days. In the future, as the number of delivery days increase, we will be able to add producers from further afield.

Do you need people to be there to receive orders?
No, not necessarily. When placing an order on the website there is a space where any special delivery instructions can be written. However, it is likely that the produce will need refrigeration so loss of quality post-delivery is therefore the responsibility of the customer.

Technical Stuff

How do you guarantee that what farmer is selling is definitely grown by them?
There is no real way to guarantee that a farmer is selling food grown by them. Fork to Fork will get all producers to sign a Producer’s Agreement where they will agree to the requirements that Fork to Fork has in regard to honesty. Dishonest conduct will see producers removed from Fork to Fork.

Can the consumer set 'favourites' so product by producers that they buy from regularly appears first within a category?
After a customer has logged in to their account there is an option to “Re-order” that allows you to find customers you have already bought from. There is also “Wish list” feature that allows you to add the desired products in Multi-Vendor.

Can I download sales data as a file that can be directly imported to my accounting software?
Yes, you can export data. The file type is CSV so this should be importable into your accounting software.

Is there spellcheck if adding descriptions?
There is no spellcheck feature however the Fork to Fork team will be checking over product descriptions and farmer bios to ensure that there are minimal errors. You could always use word to write them and then copy paste them in.


Can we get support for packaging labelling and marketing?
The Sprout team has a large repertoire of skills and we will do our best to support you by giving suggestions and ideas about packaging, labelling and marketing.

Will you be selling to individuals? Or if someone formed a small community co-op buying group?
We have no plans to sell to individuals in the foreseeable future. The main reason for this is that we do not want producers to have to deal with numerous orders of small quantities as this would be very time consuming and inconvenient. If a small community co-op wanted to buy and could buy large enough quantities we would be more than happy for them to use Fork to Fork. It is the hope that Fork to Fork can enable such businesses to develop!

Will you, and or, producers be members of Community Exchange Network Tasmania (CENTs)?
At this stage we can not foresee how Fork to Fork could utilise CENTs but we are very supportive of such initiatives.

How would we list our herbs- vegetables?
Herbs will come under the main category of vegetables. This may not seem logical to a farmer but someone purchasing vegetables is likely to look in this area. Just like how herbs are located in the vegetable section of the supermarket.